TALK 2017

This World Theatre Day, Monday March 27th, Bad Hats Theatre joins with Canadian Stage to reignite the discussion in the second installment of TALK, a series dedicated to promoting dialogue that instigates positive change in Toronto's theatre community.

This chapter, hosted at the Berkeley Street Theatre, centers around diversifying Toronto's stages. We're taking a topic that we’re all frustrated with, frustrated with talking in circles about and asking leaders and change makers in our community to weigh in on what’s being done well, what’s being done poorly, and we can all do better. The evening will be focused on positive action and an engaged discussion between audience and a carefully selected panel of artists and administrators dedicated to change.

We've created a space for a group dialogue about issues that seem to be on the tip of everyone's tongue. A place to voice our concerns, discuss our work, put faces to names and find new solutions. Let's make this all a little more transparent, shall we? Bring your questions, bring your brains. It's time to talk.

Meet our Panel

Leah-Simone Bowen

She brings her perspective as a producer and playwright, her previous experience as the Artistic Producer of Obsidian Theatre, Associate Producer at both Cahoots Theatre and the Luminato Festival, Outreach Co-ordinator at Native Earth Performing Arts and as the current program manager of the Theatre Section at the Toronto Arts Council..

Jamie Robinson

He brings insight his perspective as an educator, both at York University and with Toronto youth organizations, his contributions to raising young black artists into the industry as the Coordinator of Obsidian Theatre’s Mentor/Apprentice Program, and his tenure as the Artistic Director of the Guild Festival Theatre.

Sedina Fiati

She brings insight as a performer, producer and creator for stage and screen, from her experience as a participant of Obsidian’s Mentor/Apprentice Program, and from her current positions as the chair of Equity's Diversity Committee and co-chair of ACTRA Toronto's Diversity Committee.

Nina Lee Aquino

She brings her perspective as a director and dramaturge, her previous experience as Artistic Director of fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company and of Cahoots Theatre Company, and as the current Artistic Director of Factory Theatre, home of the 2016/17 Beyond the Great White North season.

Alistair Newton

He brings insight as a self-proclaimed socio-political director and playwright, his experience casting and directing for the Canadian Stage in their upcoming season, and from his own work as the Artistic Director of Ecce Homo Theatre, a company dedicated to exploring and producing queer work on big themes for troubled times.

Sara Meurling

Sara Meurling has had a thirty year career in theatre at such organization as the Theatre Centre, the Dance Umbrella of Ontario, the Young Centre for the Performing Arts and Factory Theatre. Her community work has included: juror, advisor and committee member, and as Member of the Board of a number of organizations. Sara has been Executive Director of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatre since 2014.

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