Princess Frownsalot

Princess Frownsalot

Written by: Fiona Sauder
Directed by: Sue Miner
Didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you keep making that face it’ll get stuck that way? Well, when Princess Frownsalot frowns one too many times that’s exactly what happens, or so it says in the book found by a whimsical band of misfits. Princess Frownsalot is a funny, inventive and honest story about young people finding their voices and wrestling with the extremely beautiful and complicated task of expressing their feelings. Princess Frownsalot is an adaptation of the short story Princess Frownsalot by John Bianchi of Bungalo Books.


Scott Garland as Jerry
Matt Pilipiak as Charlie
Victor Pokinko as Leroy
Fiona Sauder as Kori

Scott Garland

Sue Miner

Matt Pilipiak

Victor Pokinko

Fiona Sauder



  • • First Draft February 2009, The Kitchen, Ottawa
  • • Writing Retreat September 2016, Hermitage Lake, Eganville Ontario
  • • Script Workshop February 2017, Tarragon Theatre, Toronto
  • • Script Workshop April 2017, The Kitchen, Toronto