The Bike Show

Seven cyclists. Seven destinations. Infinite ways to get there. The Bike Show follows a group of cyclists on one day travelling through the city of Toronto. In this fast paced exploration of chance, choice and the fine line between risk and rapture, original and verbatim text join a tapestry of sound and movement to explore the intricately woven stories of a cityscape. In an outcry against the inhospitable streets and an ode to cyclists everywhere, we wonder - why are we in such a rush?
Collaborators: Jocelyn Adema, Nicola Atkinson, Richard Lam, Thomas McKechnie, Annie Tuma, Matt Shaw and Victor Pokinko.


As the show is centered around Toronto's streets we are avidly seeking partners and supporters from the cycling community leading up to the production of this piece. For more information about this show and ways to get involved please get in contact with us HERE.

Princess Frownsalot

A travelling troupe of performers arrives to put on a show. A Juggler, A Musician, A Comedian and a girl who is good at everything. The plans go awry when The Comedian, their star, reveals that he has lost his voice.  The troupe improvises the tale of Princess Frownsalot, a young daughter of royalty who always frowns to get her way.  One day when she wakes to find her frown stuck in place the kingdom pours into the castle in the hopes of cheering her up, but her frown will not budge.  A mysterious doctor arrives and offers and experimental surgery…The Smile Transplant.
Through listening, some rigorous team work, a few raucous songs and a little bit of magic, the troupe invents a story they never expected to tell, making surprising discoveries about community, generosity and themselves along the way.
A hilarious musical romp for the entire family. Suitable for all ages.
An adaptation of the short story Princess Frownsalot by John Bianchi of Bungalo Books.
Collaborators:Scott Garland, Sue Miner, Victor Pokinko, Matt Pilipiak and Fiona Sauder.

How To Get Out of Bed

Cole works for a publishing company. Cole lives with his girlfriend, and three other flatmates in a tiny railroad apartment. When the search for new material leads him to an overlooked story about a corrupt international clothing company, his attempts to expose it leave him shaken by the instability of his integrity and the fragile nature of truth. This politically driven coming of age story follows five characters each at odds with the many systems that make up their lives. When we have lost trust in the world around us do we make our place within it or do we shake the foundation until it cracks?


The Gold One is a solo performance that asks questions about worth and immortality. Jane, a bright-eyed woman enamoured by the beauty and mysterious properties of gold, is building herself a small cathedral, an archive of her most valued treasures and memories. In her attempts to curate an idealistic sanctuary she is continually confronted by her doubts , vulnerabilities and incompletions.
How do we measure the extraordinary? Are we ever full? How do we negotiate being the king of our own kingdom?
This show was originally produced at Aluna Theatre in 2015. It is currently being developed further. Stay tuned for future workshops and performances.