TALK is an ongoing dialogue series for the Toronto theatre community focused on creating a space for group discussion about the issues facing us collectively. Each installment centers around a panel discussion about one issue of choice.
We created this initiative- to carve out a place for all to voice concerns, discuss the work, find likeminded collaborators and actively seek more sustainable structures for artistic development. Our main focus is making our collective challenges transparent and doing so together.

Past Panelists & Speakers

Nina Lee Aquino
Leah-Simone Bowen
The Bellows
Sedina Fiati
Scott Garland
David Jansen
Owais Lightwala
Thomas McKechnie
Sara Meurling
Alistair Newton
Jiv Parasram
Jamie Robinson
Julie Tepperman
Rosamund Small
Lyon Smith
Aaron Willis
Quote Unquote Collective
We are always looking and listening for what we should TALK about next.
If you have ideas or would like to be involved with this initiative please email us here.