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Bad Hats Theatre is relentlessly dedicated to the development of new work. Our projects are interdisciplinary, and we allow each collaborator’s voice to inform the work. We aim to foster an environment in which artists are encouraged to offer stories they feel need telling, insisting they maintain a devout curiosity, allowing their work to surprise and shape them as theatremakers.

As an emerging theatre company, we have extended our reach exponentially in the past year and continue our rapid growth.

We invite you to be a part of our exciting story. Supporting Bad Hats Theatre with a donation allows us to:

  • Invest the time, resources, and passion required to bring exciting new stories from the spark of an idea to the stage.

  • Provide meaningful employment for emerging artists, producers, and creative teams.

Please note that while you will have our endless gratitude, Bad Hats Theatre is a non-profit organization without charitable status, and at this stage a charitable tax receipt can unfortunately not be provided.