How To Get Out Of Bed

Written by: Nicola Atkinson

Cole is one of five roommates living in a tiny railroad apartment. While working as an intern at a publishing house, he comes across a disregarded story that exposes a Canadian company’s involvement in a massively fatal collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh. He, and everyone in the apartment, are subsequently and suddenly part of a shift that finds them asking fundamental questions about status, power, structure and transparency. This is a fictional story inspired by true events about what happens when a group of young people discover they’ve been lied to. How To Get Out Of Bed examines the structures we’re part of and what we do when we discover the cracks.





  • Text Development Fall 2015, Byron Bay, Australia

  • Text Workshop July 2016, The Kitchen, Toronto, 2016

  • Writing Retreat, September 2016, Hermitage Lake, Eganville Ontario

  • Reading October 2016, Tarragon Theatre, Toronto

  • Reading June 2017, The Kitchen, Toronto