Lola Maggie Duncan


Forever the President of our hearts, Lola enjoys watching The Wiggles, Paw Patrol, and other colourful and happy programming. She is particularly fond of her parents, Mama and Dada, her dog-sister, Lucy, and her best friends, Alexander and Mister Squirrel. She likes to stack blocks really high and then knock them over, pretend to read books, and to sit in the kitchen sink and spray things/people with water. She definitely knows her own name, where her nose is, and the sound a pig makes (“oink”).

Lola is best known for her Halloween costumes as feminist icons Hilary Clinton and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She has yet to see a Bad Hats show as she prefers a “Hands Off” and “Sharing is Caring” leadership style. Also because she’s still very young.

Follow her as she grows day by day on her Instagram @lolamaggieduncan!

What… did you think we wouldn’t write a bio for a baby?