victor pokinko

Artistic Producer

For Bad Hats: Peter Pan (John Darling) / Princess Frownsalot (Leroy) / ALICE IN WONDERLAND (Composer) / BLOOM (Director)

Victor is an award-winning producer, actor, theatre-creator, and music-man who has entertained audiences on stages ranging from parks to museums, from stone amphitheaters to the National Centre for Performing Arts in Mumbai, India. He is best known to Toronto audiences for his work in Pea Green Theatre's critically-acclaimed Three Men in a Boat, which continues to tour after four consecutive years, and the new hit sequel, Three Men on a Bike. Recent credits: Murder for Two (Globus Theatre), Clique Claque (Pea Green), Romeo and Juliet Chainsaw Massacre (Bain & Bernard), Munsch Mash, The Princess Knight (Solar Stage), Gorboduc (Shakespeare BASH’d), Out of the Lens (Theatre 20/Musical Works).
As a producer, he also works with
Bad New Days and with The Cave Collective. He plays piano and a slew of other instruments, but - honestly - Victor spends most of his time working on, planning for, and obsessing over Bad Hats as an Artistic Producer.